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Artefaekts, pronounced “Artifacts” Entertainment, LLC creates, develops and produces high-quality films, television content and live entertainment. At Artefaekts Entertainment, we love art! We are driven by our passion to unearth rich works of art hidden deep in creative storytelling.


Artefaekts is all about adventure! Rooted in a spirit of exploration, we set out to capture and present colorful stories for film, television and live entertainment that resonate with our target markets.

“Stop telling stories…”

At Artefaekts, we encourage the embellished imagination! While ‘storytelling’ in the conventional workplace isn’t exactly celebrated, we relish in the farfetched, the incredible and the colorful narratives of our writers. Content development is the bedrock of our company,

and Artefaekts tells so many stories, so well.

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