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Where does ‘Lost Laundry’ go?

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

It’s been a busy year for Artefaekts and 2019 doesn’t show any signs of slowing. Artefaekts has partnered with Mynds Bhynd, a powerhouse of creativity, to develop the animated feature, Lost Laundry. The story follows a young gamer, Ashton, and his adventure to reunite with the mate to his lucky sock, Socky. Problems ensue when Ashton is forced to brave his dreaded middle school existence with cold feet. Adventures abound with a cast of peculiar garments, Socky (the lucky sock), Benah (the bandeau bra) and Reef (the brief) all trying to find their way back to their respective owners. Long forgotten TeeTee (the muscle t-shirt), and puffed up Fuzz (the lint ball) will stop at nothing to prevent the reunion. With themes of identity and unity, Lost Laundry is a fun and inspiring story about self-discovery, taking risks and finding confidence in our selves. Devyne Johnson will pen the project’s script and produce along side story creator, Alanna Bryant of Mynds Bhynd. The two are currently shopping the feature to multiple bidders, with promising interest.

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