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NAME: Devyne Johnson

SUPER POWERS: Content Creator, Writer, Producer, Director


CHILDHOOD DREAM: Paleontologist, Writer, International Spy, Cinematographer 


ALTER EGO: James Bond, John Snow

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Learning to fly


PROUDEST MOMENT: Producing our first feature film, “MOSAIC.”


FIRST JOB: McDonald's


INSPIRATION: Walt Disney, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Newborns


PERSONAL SOUNDTRACK:  "Before I Let Go" (Frankie Beverly & Maze), "Chandelier" (Sia), "Paradise (U2), "If I Ruled the World" (Nas), "Jumpman" (Drake & Future)

GUILTY PLEASURE: Beaufort D'Ete cheese


PET PEEVE: Wet socks and excuses


R&R: Anywhere with warm sand, tropical breezes and EASL (English as a second language) 

PERSONAL MOTTO: "Don't believe me, just watch."-Bruno Mars


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