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"What KINGS Are Made Of"

Sometimes, the closer we get to our dreams, the greater the doubts and the louder the fear. Sometimes the very thing we prayed for, becomes the very opportunity we run away from. But, for dreamers, courage can be found when we just go for it! Knuckle down, dig our heels in, and instead of running away, run head first into the hope of our imaginations becoming our reality. “This is What KINGS are Made of.”


TV Show: Live@9:30


Creator: The Content Farm


Distributor: Public Broadcasting Servce (PBS)


Episode: 4 (Watch Full Episode)


Featured segment: “This is What Kings are Made Of”


Director: Devyne Johnson


Director of Photography: Alice McGown


Songwriter, Music Producer: Solomon Fobb


Previz Artist: Ken Siao-Pao

Editor: Kriss Siao-Pao

LIVE@9:30: Airs nationwide! 


LIVE@9:30 is a high-energy TV series to take place at D.C.’s legendary 9:30 Club. The series is a modern variety show highlighting the diverse talent that passes through the venue that Rolling Stone & Billboard magazines have repeatedly honored as “the best live music club” in the USA.  Each one-hour episode of LIVE@9:30 will feature award-winning filmmakers commissioned to create original short features for each episode. 

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